Why Choose Us?


1. Quality and reputation

For the past 37 years, Earl Fowke has been a leader in the construction market.
Renov8tors is a robust, stable and experienced company. We specialize in additions, renovations and construction, and have completed almost 2,000 projects since we started operating. Our projects range in value from $20 000 to $3 million, which means we’re able to customize our service to jobs of any size.

The Transform Property Group is privately owned and financially secure and plans to be around for as long as possible.

2. Peace of mind

Fixed Price. Guaranteed.

At Renov8tors, we make sure that you know how much your renovation is going to cost from the beginning. Unless you decide to make any changes post-planning, we’ll never overrun your budget. At contract stage, we give you a fixed price and specification document. No surprises, no hidden extras, no worries.

Maximum protection, minimum disruption

Construction of any kind can be disruptive. But we aim to make the entire process as hassle-free as possible. We protect your home while the work is under way by:

  • Using stud walls to block off your home from the areas being renovated
  • Creating temporary wet areas
  • Covering existing flooring
  • Providing temporary kitchens and bathrooms (if needed)

From beginning to end, we take of everything – including design, town planning, prestart and construction.

Fixed timeframes. Fixed living.

Most clients stay at home during their renovation. Whether you stay or go, we know that you’ll want us in and out quickly. That’s why we provide you with an outline of the process and a guaranteed construction timeframe.

3. Design done right

Tailored design solutions

We don’t just improve homes; we craft them. Whatever your style preferences and design ideas, our team is able to incorporate them into your renovation.

We adopt a team approach to finding a design solution. This team includes your design consultant, internal designer, construction experts and estimating specialists. And you. It’s a collaborative approach and everyone is involved to ensure we don’t miss anything.

Grounded in reality

Architects often produce designs that exceed budget. At Renov8tors,
we make sure your design is within your means.

Crafted by Computer

Your home improvement will be designed using the latest technology, with computerized layouts showing multiple aspects of your renovation. It’s a glimpse into the future. And once you’ve seen it, you’ll have the confidence to move forward.

Sharing the best ideas

Because we’re a part of the Transform Property Group, we’re able to draw on an unrivalled base of building expertise. We’re also able to share the Group’s knowledge of the latest trends in design, building products and construction techniques. No other home improvement company in Manitoba can offer you this.

4. Quality construction

Fixed start and completion dates.

The only thing more frustrating than a sub-contractor who turns up late is a sub-contractor who doesn’t finish a job on time. We stick to our timeline to meet your deadline.

Safe hands. High standards.

Your construction team will have an assigned project manager. Each manager is experienced and committed to maintaining our high standards. As part of their planned and structured approach, they’ll provide you with regular progress reports and tell you exactly what’s coming up, and when.

Quality assured

Quality is at the core of everything we do. From the outset, we carry out comprehensive checks to ensure that the quality of construction meets our standards. And we use only the best products. We only work with the best tradespeople – hand-picked by our project managers.

5. Customer service

We don’t leave you to source your own products and services. Our design team will take you to building product showrooms. From brickwork to windows and taps to tiles, there are so many inspiring products available. Guided by our expert advice, you’ll find everything you need to complete your dream renovation.