Added Protection – Minimal Disruption

Minimizing Disruption (so you can get on with life)

We aim for smooth sailing. Yes, there’ll be disruptions along the way; that’s unavoidable. But renovating is — or should be — exciting. So wherever possible, we work around your day-to-day routine while we’re building, to minimize inconvenience and keep you excited.

Thanks to our very effective disruption measures, most of our clients can continue living in their homes, while we work around them. Obviously some jobs are just too big for this to happen, and if you have young children, staying with a parent is generally a good idea. But for most projects, it’s certainly what we aim for.

What we do to protect your property and minimize disruption:

  • Temporary kitchens — We can provide temporary kitchens that include a sink, electric cook top, convection microwave (so you can even cook roasts!), lighting, dedicated hot water unit, cutlery drawers, and shelves for plates and pantry items. They come complete with connections and can be set up anywhere — even in your garage.
  • Temporary walls — Temporary security walls (stud walls), with key-locked access doors, to block off the construction area from the existing home
  • Key-lock door handles — Key-lock door handles installed on existing doors to isolate parts of the residence, for added peace of mind.
  • Temporary bathrooms — We can provide temporary bathrooms that include a shower, hot water unit, toilet and vanity.
  • Protecting your existing property — By covering existing carpets and hardwoods, we stop dust, soiling and scratching. We also use various means to protect existing driveways, we tape up existing windows and glazing, we use dustless saws and sanding machines, and we employ effective dust containment and extraction methods, as best as possible.
  • Trades — All our sub-contractors work to a strict code of conduct that’s tailored to ensure they treat your property as a home, not a building site. It’s a no-smoking, no-loud music policy that mandates respect for you, your family and your property at all times.
  • Clean Site — Our sub-contractors are required to clean up after EACH day, not just when their particular trade has been completed. We have a site bin on site at all times, and tradespeople are required to use it to dispose of all waste and materials (which we then recycle as appropriate).
  • Hours of work — Work is carried out at respectful times (7am-4pm) and no work is performed on weekends without permission.
  • Owner parking — Thanks to our designated owner parking area, you’ll always have somewhere to park. What’s more, we never deliver items on the driveway.
  • Notify Neighbors — We hang a door hanger on all surrounding neighbours’ doors, letting them know we’re undertaking work.